Our mission

sound + strategy + tech = power

Our philosophy

Sound along with Image make up a powerful communication vector. To serve that ultimate purpose, our team is strongly music driven with a deep understanding of new marketing trends and the support of a selective pool of talented people. We love working with brands and bringing their ultimate potential through our productions, for the eyes and ears of their audience.

Harness the power of sound

In an experientially driven competitive environment, agencies continue to focus everything on the assets, by creating a lot of different contents and choosing amongst them. We are another kind of agency. We think of audio branding as something more : it is a perfect blend between strategy and design. It is about an architecture, about shaping an experience for your audience.

How we do it

Bespoke music creation

01 Brand analysis

We are experts in connecting sound with brands. It is crucial for us to start by asking the right questions and setting the correct goals. Our objective is simple: creating and implementing a sound identity that perfectly matches the essence of your brand and serves your strategic vision.

02 Market analysis

We deliver actionnable market data to further develop the right sound. Studying competitors and your brand’s environment is a priority before starting any creative process. 

03 Customer analysis

Targeting and testing are key to success. Through market research and data analysis, our objective is to define your consumer’s emotional response, moving decision making from a subjective point of vue to a strategic one.

04 Creative process

We believe in finding the right balance between science, art and branding. Our creative team is composed of real musicians with solid background and true composing experience.

05 Complication free

From creative to technical and legal aspects, we take care of everything. Benefit from the experience and knowledge of a team of experts in branding and music. We guarantee a seamless integration of our creations for your brand. 

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