We provide original music composition for your brand, films, video games, advertising spot, app or product.


Through a custom made art direction, we design innovative and remarkable marketing strategies for your brand.

our super recipe


Our super recipe

01 Strategy

Our objective is simple: creating and implementing a sound identity that perfectly matches the essence of your content and serves the strategic vision of your brand. Targeting, testing, retargeting: we fine tune all our work to find the sweet spot.

02 Technology

We aim to master the best technologies available in sound design. We use high precision field recording tools, mood detection algorithms, 3D binaural spacialization plugins and a synchronisation AI developed by our team. A music tech recipe to make our productions special.

03 Art

Pushing audio branding further, we see it as an art and not only a marketing process. All our musics are created, recorded and re-recorded by true passionate musicians with solid backgrounds. As active members of the music industry, we combine our knowledge and art to enhance audio at its best.